Specializing in ProvideX, BBx, Business Basic  on Unix & Windows                                                                                                               Richter / Essentus Systems, FACTS,  MAS90, MAS200

Cybersoft Consulting Services is providing consulting and programming services, specializing in ProvideX®, BBx, Pro5/4®, Thoroughbred® Basic, Business Basic, Essentus / Richter Systems, FACTS® ,MAS90®, MAS200® Systems on Unix, Windows® and other platforms for over twenty years across Canada and the USA. Based in Montreal.............................. Cost effective total Information Technology solutions.... Over twenty years expertise in Information Technology.... Expertise in FACTS, Richter and Essentus Systems, MAS90, MAS200.... ProvideX® and BBx® setup and configuration,  networking setup.... Windows, Unix, SCO, AIX, HP-UX and other Operating Systems.... Prompt and friendly support and competence in the industry.... Complete solution with 24/7 support and reliable service.... Systems consultation.... Systems support and maintenance.... Programming.... Project Management.... Business analysis.... Systems design and development.... Training.... Systems Re-engineering.................. 






Business Basic

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BBx Pro5

   Cybersoft consulting Services also provides software related services to BBx community. We provide all the services you needed to support maintain and enhance BBx systems. CSCS can handle any BBx system. Your system could be written in BBx, Providex, Thoroughbred Basic, SMC Basic or other version of Business Basic. We can convert complete systems written in BBx or other variation of Business Basic to ProvideX and perform any changes, modifications and enhancements required.

We provide:

  • Systems consultation

  • Systems maintenance

  • Project Management

  • Business analysis

  • Software design

  • programming

  • Training

  • Systems Re-engineering

CSCS has been working with BBx systems for over twenty years. Our experience includes every aspects of the systems life cycle.

Our excellent understanding of business systems along with solid BBx skills makes us your best choice for maintaining, supporting, and enhancing new and legacy ProvideX and Business Basic software.




BBx Pro5, Consultant and Programmer (Programmeur)

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